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Manufacturing Company, Steelscape, recognizes ROI immediately with Bitam software

by Diana Arroyo, Public Relations, BitamWednesday, June 4, 2008

Roswell, GA – June 2008. Bitam, a Software 500 Company and global provider of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions, including Business Intelligence (BI), Financial Planning, and Strategic Planning, announces that Steelscape, the top supplier of pre-painted coated steel to the construction markets in the United States, is recognizing their return on investment (ROI) immediately with the Business Intelligence solution of Bitam, Artus.


Steelscape wanted to implement a Business Intelligence (BI) solution to keep corporate officers informed on where they stand with customers, sales, revenues, and other KPIs. If their executives are better informed, they can make better business decisions. They also recognized a BI solution would assist them in staying competitive with other companies in their space. After weighing the benefits of a variety of software solutions, Steelscape selected Bitam’s Artus software for their Business Intelligence needs.

The IT staff was drawn to Bitam’s Business Intelligence solution for the following reasons:

  • Ease of use – All departments within Steelscape required the ability to view the status of business-critical KPIs.
  • Advanced reporting features – Drill down into reports for more detailed information and easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • Executive Dashboards – Provides a single view of the company allowing executives to quickly visualize what is going on in all operations.
  • Automatic scheduling and sending of information – Reduces operating costs, facilitates collaboration, and allows for quicker decision making.

Steelscape deployed Bitam’s Business Intelligence solution, Artus, across various departments of the organization, including manufacturing, sales, inventory, operations, and finance. Currently, Steelscape has approximately 60 employees using dashboards to access reports, 10+ users designing reports, and two power users.

Managers review scorecards daily and generate analytical reports from the BI system to track sales, inventory, and manufacturing data. For example, the finance team tracks performance of the company's manufacturing plants, including statistics on whether the plants' installed capacity is being used to its full potential. In the past, Steelscape managers would have to manually look at several reports before they could find and understand the problem or problems causing a negative trend, such as a downturn in sales. Now, they can proactively review and take necessary actions to address problems before they can negatively impact operational efficiencies and/or sales performance.

Managers can also create and share business reports that assist them with identifying, tracking and monitoring the performance metrics. Visual indicators, such as color coded KPIs, allow managers to quickly identify a problem which results in them spending their time more efficiently. Artus, with its simple browser interface, provides users the ability to monitor, analyze and collaborate on corporate data while providing tight security to control data access. Users can also create centralized reports and distribute them automatically to various departments, allowing individuals to focus on the “why’s” more than the “how’s” of the business.

With Artus, Steelscape users can quickly identify the following items:

  • Best selling products
  • Inventory levels – do we have enough products and are they in the right location to meet customer service levels
  • How can we reduce waste material?
  • Are we manufacturing the right products in the right facility?
  • Which sales region performs better than others and why?
  • And much, much more


Bitam’s Artus user-friendly interface allows business users and executives to quickly and easily visualize progress charts, analyze data, generate reports, distribute information to co-workers, and make better decisions quicker.

Comprehensive sales data can easily be presented to executives without having to rely on various sources. Steelscape now has a single source of information across the whole company.

The BI solution from Bitam has proved so successful to Steelscape that the company is continually expanding the deployment into other areas of the organization.

About Bitam

Bitam is a global provider of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software solutions for Business Intelligence (BI), Financial Planning, and Strategic Planning. EPM software powers the metrics that enable performance reporting, governance, and accountability that help businesses analyze, plan, and manage their business operations to meet business-critical goals. Bitam solutions are known for their rapid deployment, a high rate of adoption by users, low implementation risk, lower costs, ease of use, minimal training requirements, and wide acceptance by the international operations of companies of all sizes. Bitam, founded in 2000, is headquartered in Roswell, Ga., and has presence in more than 18 countries in North America, Latin America and Europe. Bitam has served more than 1000 customers including Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Johnson Controls, Pemex, GNC, Black & Decker, Janssen and government clients, through direct sales or our extensive partner network. For more information, visit www.bitam.com.

About Steelscape

Steelscape, Inc. makes metallic-coated and painted steel sheet at its facilities in Kalama, WA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Fairfield, AL. To learn more about Steelscape and their products and/or services, please call 1-888-285-7717 or visit their website at www.steelscape.com.

For more information, contact:
Diana Arroyo, Public Relations
+52 (81) 8368-2596

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