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Tour #3 "Measuring what Matters for Innovation and Growth"
With the Business Learning Institute of the Maryland Association of CPAs.

by Praveen Gupta, Accelper ConsultingMonday, September 10, 2007

You can't manage what you don't measure. In this one day "Skunkworks" project Network members will learn how to apply two of the best scorecard systems available for measuring what matters. (Skunkworks was an innovation center developed by Lockheed to allow creative ideas to be quickly tried and implemented). putdescofpic

November 12, in Baltimore, Maryland

putdescofpic Financial performance will be measured using the "Mobley Matrix" and the "Financial Dashboard" a financial measuring system that provided IBM with competitive advantage and can now help your organization focus on the right financial measures. Jahn Ballard, who was mentored by Mobley and developed the Financial Dashboard software to make Mobley's insights easier to apply will share how the system works and will provide at no charge a set of software tools that make financial reporting, simple, and effective.
putdescofpic Praveen Gupta's Six Sigma Business Scorecard helps leaders focus on key financial and operational measures that drive performance. His innovative system described in his best selling book, "Six Sigma Business Scorecard." Praveen will share key drivers of performance, how to measure them, and why they matter. Software developed to track the Six Sigma Scorecard will also be shared.


Ten Reasons to Attend:

  1. Learn the three critical Financial Bottom-LInes and twelve fundamental drivers discovered by IBM that reflect overall business performance by one of the world’s experts on this approach.
  2. Learn the measures of the Six-Sigma Scorecard and how they drive future performance by the author of Six-Sigma Business Scorecard
  3. Learn how to develop and share the critical numbers with all levels of your organization so everyone from the CEO to the front-line employees know what matters.
  4. Receive over $1,000 worth of software to facilitate and enable the tracking, reporting and projection of the three bottom lines and 12 drivers (Use the software on the honor system. When you find it of value then pay for it).
  5. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Measuring the wrong things impedes innovation and growth. You’ll learn two of the best scorecards available today. These scorecards will work in any business, large or small, and they will work in virtually any industry.
  6. Simplify your measurement systems, so you measure what matters for innovation and growth. The three bottom lines are compatible with required accounting practices.
  7. Build a transparent/shared business model that can be implemented and can evolve with the input and experience of your whole team.
  8. Identify measurements that relate key process measures to a company's profitability, making the opportunity so visible that they are difficult to ignore.
  9. Accelerate improvement in business performance.
  10. Network with thought leaders and practitioners interested in better measurement systems.


putdescofpic JW 'Jahn' Ballard
Jahn is the Chief Process Officer of Vinovation, Inc., an innovator in the California and global wine industry. He is the inventor of the Financial Dashboard (www.financialdashboard.com), Founding Director of the Performance Management Institute, and co-designer Financial Scoreboard™ Projector. Jahn was a friend and colleague of Louis R. Mobley (Lou), originator of the concepts on which Three Bottom Lines Performance is based, and author of Beyond IBM. Jahn went on to become one of the first disciples, and marketers of Lou’s original software in 1986. Jahn Ballard has trained nearly one thousand CFOs, Controllers and CPAs through his course for CPA Societies, Executive Finance for Operating Leaders: Engaging Management, Associates and Clients in Cashflow, Return and KPI Development. He is a leading innovator in helping financial and operating professionals work together to measure what matters.
putdescofpic Praveen Gupta
Praveen Gupta, President of Accelper Consulting, has gained extensive experience in the field of business management over 25 years. Mr. Gupta has been a pioneer of Six Sigma methodology at Motorola, and optimizing business performance using his Execution Map consisting of Business Scorecard, Six Sigma, Innovation, and Process Management. Praveen has authored several books including Six Sigma Business Scorecard, and Business Innovation in the 21st Century. He holds the MSEE degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He is also a member of Chicago Executive Club, Turnaround Management Association, and IPC. He is a Master Six Sigma Black Belt, and a Fellow of ASQ.
putdescofpic Thomas Hood III
Tom Hood, CPA, is the CEO and Executive Director of the Maryland Association of CPAs and founder and CEO of the Business Learning Institute (BLI). He received the AICPA Special Recognition Award for his role in the CPA Vision Project in 1999. He was recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the Profession by Accounting Today Magazine. In 2006, Tom was profiled as one of the top “thought leaders” of the Profession by RainToday magazine. He is also the lead author in the webblog dedicated to CPA Success – www.cpasuccess.com. Hood has experience as a high level executive in industry, specifically as treasurer and CFO of Bryn Awel Corporation, a privately owned $75 million highway construction company. He is a graduate of Loyola College (B.A. in Accounting) and has a Master’s in Finance (Real Estate) from Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s equivalent in Information Systems from the University of Baltimore.



The concepts studied can be implemented without any additional software or books, but there is nothing like a good tool and Skunkworks participants will receive two great software tools and two great books to help implement what they have learned.

Three Bottom Line Software (three interrelated software tools)
The Financial Scoreboard (an excel template that implements the three bottom lines and 12 drivers)
The Projector (new software that allows Banker’s level Pro-Forma, or “what ifs” using the three bottom lines
The Dashboard (Shows the three bottom lines as a tachometer, fuel gauge, and speedometer)

Six Sigma Business Scorecard Software (demonstration)
The Six Sigma Business Scorecard by Praveen Gupta
Managing by the Numbers by Chuck Kremer,Ron Rizzuto, and John Case


Help With Your Measures: Included in the cost of the workshop are two hours of consulting support to help you apply the software and run your first reports. Participants will be expected to spend at least 3 - 5 hours before the workshop preparing their own three bottom line reports - so they will be able to use their own data during as a starting place at the workshop. Participants will need to bring a laptop with the software loaded on it to the workshop


If you want an introduction to the relationship managerial scorecards and their processes (in their six-sigma guise), read Gupta.” Paul Harmon, Business Process Trends

The major differences between the Six-Sigma Business Scorecard approach and other corporate performance measurements are that it requires increased involvement and accountability of leadership, it emphasizes management’s needs to communicate (this includes feedback) with employees, and it encourages employees’ involvement in discovering innovative ways to improve organizational processes and results. Nicholas Mathys, DePaul University

I have read a few hundred "non-fictional" books over the years for my MBA, for quality, etc, but I have to tell you that this book about the use of balanced scorecards is the best business related book that I have ever read, and I feel that every CEO should completely absorb it to utilize its "pertinent" applications that are applicable to their business processes, thus institutionalizing the process metrics' continual improvement concepts of ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001 in all types of firms, including those that are not automotive suppliers! Bill Cooper, Global Quality Systems Senior Manager, Lear Corporation


Excellent presentation of useful tools to help owners and managers understand the operations side of their business, and create a vision of where to go.

Was the best seminar I have attended. The presentation was interesting, blending discussion with practical application added depth to my learning experience.

Very informative. Being able to use tools with real financial strengths made the experience that much more understandable and enjoyable.

Great materials to simplify complicated financial statement data.

This workshop is geared for CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s and their direct reports. Teams of Financial and Operational leaders are encouraged to attend together.


Click here to download a Brochure in PDF format


2008 Scanlon Leadership Conference, Innovation, May 5-7, 2008, Dearborn, Michigan

Join over 250 Scanlon Practitioners and friends whlle we study innovation and learn from international experts. Share best practices. Learn how to create cultures of continuous improvement using the Scanlon Principles and Processes.

Dearborn is the site of the Henry Ford Museum and Village. We will tour Thomas Edison's lab (moved to Greenfield Village by Henry Ford). We will tour the Henry Ford Museum and see the innovative products and processes that shaped our world.

May 5-7, 2008 more details will be available throughout 2007.

To learn more about the Innovation Tours or Conference please contact the Network Office at Office@scanlonleader.org or call (517) 332-8927.

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