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LatiNode Benifits From ParAccel's "Load and Go" Design
A ParAccel Success Story

by Kim Stanick, VP of Marketing, ParAccelThursday, November 8, 2007

LATINODE’S BUSINESSES: LatiNode has established its own network throughout Latin America and Europe, creating partnerships for worldwide VoIP call delivery with some of the largest players in the field through its Wholesale Division. Additionally LatiNode offers a wide variety of long distance telecommunications services (e.g., broadband telephony, prepaid cards, and pin-less and corporate long distance) for residential and corporate clients through its Retail Division, under the CrossFone brand. LatiNode also supplies the best mobile content through its Convergence Solutions Division.

Loyalty, leadership, and teamwork are just a few of the corporate values that LatiNode maintains to achieve its mission of enabling communities to interact and share by simplifying and improving how they communicate and exchange information. As one of the fastest growing companies in America, LatiNode is a Next Generation IP Solutions Provider that delivers advanced telecommunications services using Internet Protocol Technology. The company is one of the world’s largest players in the international VoIP industry, transporting close to 4% of global VoIP Long Distance (LD) traffic.

To keep their competitive edge, LatiNode is constantly reviewing its processes to find innovative ways to provide better and more efficient services. Their mission-critical data warehouse provides “state of the business” snapshots to business unit managers on a continual basis—one type of operational BI. Per Miguel Viertel, COO of LatiNode, these reports have become the vital operational pulse of the company. Unfortunately, these pulse points were not as timely as they needed to be. Queries were taking too long causing users to feel constrained by the number of questions they could ask. Users lost valuable time waiting for answers to return or they were often distracted by having to switch tasks while queries were running.


As COO, Viertel’s role is to provide the best possible applications to help his users to perform their everyday activities faster, easier and more efficiently. With that objective in mind, it became clear that finding a way to improve access to data for improved iterative analysis should be a top priority to help the business operate more effectively, so he added his own corporate value: “Information at the speed of thought.” Viertel then set out to remove the bottlenecks, locks and resource contention that were causing the slowdown on the source database, with the overall goal of achieving a 2X, or 100%, performance gain.

A detailed analysis of the problem led LatiNode to create a matrix of key criteria in order to evaluate so-called high performance DBMS solutions. After a comprehensive review, vendors were selected to participate in a competitive proof of concept where sample data was tested along with the ability to connect to specific third-party software. After evaluating three vendors, LatiNode chose the Parcel Analytic Database™ because it was the only solution to meet all of the criteria and it impressed the team with its performance, price performance, and ability to run stored procedures. One particularly complex analysis took 60 hours on their existing system. During the POC, ParAccel ran that analysis in 2.5 minutes—a 1440X performance improvement.

LatiNode chose the ParAccel Analytic Database for its simple load-and-go design and ability to scale easily and inexpensively. A ParAccel MAVERICK™ implementation will be the center of the complete BI solution that will feed LatiNode’s reporting applications and bring vitality back to the “pulse” of operational data for tactical decision making. Because the ParAccel Analytic Database delivers superior BI performance without all the additional tuning constructs usually associated with BI—making summarized data, indexes, and materialized views unnecessary—LatiNode plans to deliver fresher data (within 15-minutes) with OLAP-like query speed while reducing their dependency on cubes. And, because the ParAccel Analytic Database is schema-neutral, LatiNode can forego physical database design issues giving themselves more time to focus on more important things like their commitment to excellent customer service at a reasonable price. With the ability to accomplish in minutes what used to take days, “information at the speed of thought” is becoming a reality at LatiNode.


LatiNode runs a global network of hundreds of servers on Microsoft Windows and SUN/Linux environments
to facilitate over 200 corporate users. In addition, there is an extensive network of servers that run applications for public use such as point-of-sale, internet, and other end-user applications.

> Backend: Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services
> Frontend: Panorama NovaView
> Data Volume: Approximately 1 TB expanding to 4TB over time
> ParAccel Cluster: 8 node Data Warehouse running on HP DL 360s
> Data Latency: As little as 15 minutes
> Most Extreme POC Query Improvement: 60 hours to 2.5 minutes, or 1440X
> Implementation: MAVERICK
> Applications: Operational reporting and analysis.

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