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Business Activity Monitoring for Effective Hospital Management
Real-Time Insight into Your Operational Performance

by Tamyra Hyatt, Director of Marketing, www.carelogistics.comWednesday, October 17, 2007

Real-Time Insight into Your Operational Performance

This dashboard was created using CareLogistics' Business Activity Monitoring solution. The dashboard helps monitor hospital management operations in real-time. Your organization can define performance standards for key operational processes, and the healthcare information system will monitor events, analyze patterns, and help you determine what actions to take right now.

Unlike retrospective analytic tools, Business Activity Monitoring is designed to help healthcare executives and department managers recognize trends before they occur. The following example provides an overview of the visibility you’ll achieve with CareLogistics' Business Activity Monitoring solution.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) for Healthcare

Figure 1 – Sample Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard displaying real-time summary of Key Performance Indicators

Provides executives a real-time summary of key performance indicators (KPI’s) of operational performance such as:

  • LOS by unit
  • Accuracy of discharge predictions (percent of time that actual discharge times meet expected)
  • Projected occupancy by unit in the next three hours
  • Bed placement time from the ED disposition to arrival on the unit
  • Number of hours that the ED is on diversion, LWBS patients, and ED boarders
  • Average annual and monthly bed turns by unit and hospital wide
  • Average “dead bed time,” which is the time gap between one patient being discharged and another occupying the bed

Figure 2 – Sample Emergency Department Dashboard

Healthcare Digital Dashboard

Provides the Emergency Department a real-time view into key operational performance variables such as:

  • Cycle times from door to discharge
  • Key throughput milestones by acuity level such as: door to disposition, triage to disposition, and triage to MD assessment
  • Diagnostic turnarounds
  • Time from inpatient orders to bed placement by unit and by acuity
  • Number of ED boarders, LWBS, and patients leaving against medical advice (AMA’s)

Figure 3 – Bed Management Dashboard

Healthcare Bed Management Digital Dashboard

Provides bed managers a real-time view of bed availability and discharge status including:

  • Occupied and available beds across the system and by unit
  • Number of critical and telemetry beds available
  • Number of observation patients
  • Length of stay (LOS) and discharge statistics from time a discharge order is written until the patient actually leaves the room
  • Key hospital support service performance relative to bed turns, such as Environmental Services: stat turnaround, clean next bed turnaround, last bed on the Unit turnaround, and routine turnaround

Figure 4 – Case Management Dashboard

Healthcare Case Management Digital Dashboard

Provides case managers a real-time view of patient throughput such as:

  • Occupancy predictions by day of week (based upon estimated day of discharge)
  • Average time of day that patients are discharged by unit (running 7-day average)
  • Time from case management referral to completion
  • Case Management order status

For more information please visit CareLogistics.

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