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Strategy Companion’s Analyzer™ Provides PH Tech with Easy-to-Use Business Intelligence Tools
Assists Healthcare Providers and Payers in the Management of Managed Care Rules, such as Referrals and Prior Authorizations

by Ken Chong, Strategy CompanionMonday, March 24, 2008

EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. – March 18, 2008 – Strategy Companion Corporation, a leading provider of intuitive, easy-to-use Business Intelligence (BI) software for the SQL Server platform, today announced that PH Tech (Performance Health Technology) in Salem, Oregon has incorporated the company’s Analyzer BI product in its software.  With it, PH Tech clients can rely on the company to provide data in easily accessible and easily understood reports right on their screens so that they can make decisions that will create improved healthcare support services and enhance patient and provider goodwill.   

“Analyzer provides us with web-based intuitive analytics so that internal staff and clients can perform analyses on our data warehouse,” affirms Chad Casady, PH Tech director of information technology.  “With Analyzer, it is very simple to design charts and other graphic representations of our data.  Other systems looked much harder to use.”

Analyzer empowers PH Tech clients with advanced visualization, advanced analytics and collaboration capabilities. Decision makers can see and communicate to others the right information, leading to better decisions. 

Analyzer 2007 Digital Dashboard

For instance, a report might show a summary of charge counts, billed amounts, and per claim averages by disease.  A report like this would allow a health plan to see which disease costs the most money overall as well as by claim.  This information could help them determine where to focus disease and medical management programs to provide better care for the patient as well as lower their claim costs.

“Upon seeing our new BI tools, our pilot customers said, ‘Wow, this is cool.’  They were very impressed how easy the tools were to use and how effortlessly they could create attractive reports,” adds Casady.  “The IT Department was pleased that there was so little effort in adding Analyzer.  It just works!”

According to Casady, there was more than just the ease of use of Analyzer. “If we went to a client-server based BI application, we would be faced with intensive training as well as all the deployment and service problems client-server scenarios create,” states Casady.  “Analyzer is so intuitive, training is minimal.  Also, being web-based, any user can deploy BI analytics and tools at any time with Analyzer.

“In addition, Analyzer simply plugged right into our SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services with no modifications.  It was so easy to set up.”

With Analyzer, PH Tech has a front-end application with an impressive seamless integration with the latest server-side features of MS SQL Server, including Analysis Services.  Analyzer provides the BI functionality that PH Tech wants in a Microsoft-centric computing environment.  Developed in C# on the ASP.NET platform, Analyzer is built upon and takes advantage of the very latest Microsoft technologies, including the newest features of SQL Server. 

Leveraging SQL Server’s Unified Dimension Model (UDM), Analyzer brings the benefits of the latest functionality and features of the analytic and reporting engines (i.e. MDX scripting, KPI’s, attribute-based dimensions, security control, multi-language support, perspectives) to users through its suite of information and access tools. 

About PH Tech

PH Tech was established in 1996 with the launch of its Clinical Integration Manager™ (CIM) medical management system to assist providers and payers in the management of managed care rules, such as referrals and prior authorizations.  In 2000, PH Tech merged with NWTPA, Inc., a third party claims administrator, in order to provide customers with a full array of health care benefits administration services.
Currently, PH Tech provides these services for over 350,000 members and has grown to over 80 employees.

About Strategy Companion Corporation

Strategy Companion Corporation (strategycompanion.com) is a leading intuitive Business Intelligence solution provider with products focused on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.  Founded in 2001, it is headquartered in El Segundo, California with regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia; London, England; China and Taiwan. Strategy Companion Corporation products, which include Analyzer and BI Analytics for Dynamics CRM, are sold worldwide.

For More Information:

Ken Chong
Director, Corporate Communications                                                           
Strategy Companion Corporation                                                                  
310-727-9756, ext. 125                                  

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